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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wilhelm G. Spruth

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A modern economy needs an efficient IT Inftastruktur to function. Large business enterprises and large government organizations almost always use a computer with the z/OS operating system as a central server. Mainframe (System z) and the z/OS operating system dominate, because here the latest technologies and developments are usually introduced first. Examples are Sysplex, Coupling Facility, LPARs, and the Goal-oriented Work Load Manager.

The z/OS operating system is perfectly suited for Internet integration to centrally manage and administer the components involved. zBX and Unified Resource Manager will contribute towards this objective in the coming years. The DB2 Analytics Accelerator for z/OS is an example of the growing z/OS hybrid computing capabilities.

This site is a z/OS operating system information ressource, especially its client/server integration into internet and e-business applications. We believe, z/OS needs to be reemphasised in academic education.

Many peope still consider zSeries and z/OS obsolete. Few realise that exactly the opposite is true. There are few, if any, system-specific characteristics available on Unix, Linux and Windows platforms, that are not also available under z/OS. On the other hand, there are many leading edge technologies which are only available under z/OS. Examples include hardware protection, more than 65000 attachable I/O devices, superior virtualisation with negligible performance impact, the Sysplex Coupling facility, and the Goal oriented Workload Manager, to name just a few.

The material on this site is planned to be used in colleges and universities to prepare course material for computer science classes. It may also be useful as self study material for professionals getting interested in z/OS and OS/390. It is structured a follows:

Textbook : This is a relative complete but very poorly organised collection of material, which may become a text book if and when I find the time.

Laboratory exercises : This may be the most interesting part. We maintain our own z/OS system jedi.informatik.uni-leipzig.de for student exercises. There are some poweful tutorials how to use the system.

Foils : Most are in German, sorry. I plan a translation.

Other : Contains related interesting information as well as links to other sites

This is the English version of a multilingual site. Klick here to access our main site jedi.informatik.uni-leipzig.de . Comments or contributions are welcome and should be directed to spruth@informatik.uni-tuebingen.de.

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