Client/Server Laboratory 3

Our system is named and can be accessed via IP addresses,, and It is a Multiprise 3000 with 4 GByte main memory and approx. 500 GByte disk storage. We attach via an OSA 100 Mbit/s Ethernet adapter to the university backbone and from there directly to the DFN net maintained by the German Universities.

The system is configured as 3 virtual machines (Logical Partitions, LPARs) with 3 different operating systems: z/OS V. 1.5, OS/390 V. 2,7, and z/VM. The configuration can be viewed  here

The system is used exclusively for academic education. It is used for class work at the universities and colleges in Augsburg, Bochum, Chemnitz, Jena, Leipzig, Mittweida, Stuttgart and Tuebingen. There are some students at other schools who use it on their own. At this time we have about 200 active users.

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