Client/Server Laboratory 5

Available Tutorials


 Tutorial 1. Dataset allocation, edit a data set using TSO and ISPF
 Tutorial 2. Generate, compile, and execute a program in C/C++ or Cobol
 Tutorial 3. write and execute a simple CICS application in C/C++ or Cobol
 Tutorial 4. Create a simple DB2 database
 Tutorial 5. Database access from a CICS application in C/C++ or Cobol
 Tutorial 6. Create a WebSphere Webapplication Server Servlet using Unix System Services
 Tutorial 7. Create a simple MQSeries application
 Tutorial 8. Installing and configuring DB2Connect
 Tutorial 9. Access a DB2-Database with DB2Connect or JDBC using the Visual Age for Java
Tutorial 10. Port Java byte code to OS/390 Unix System Services, accessing DB2
Tutorial 11. CICS COMMAREA access from a Java client via MQSeries - installation
Tutorial 12. CICS COMMAREA access from a Java client via MQSeries - execution
Tutorial 13. Writing a REXX program
Tutorial 14. Installs Eclipse and the HIT JDBC driver on a Windows system accessing DB2
Tutorial 15. Java Acesses to a OS/390 DB2 Data base via both JDBC and DB2Connect
Tutorial 16. QMF - Enterprise JavaBeans for IBM WebSphere 4.0
Tutorial 17. DB2 - Java Data Base access with SQLJ
Tutorial 18. CICS Transaction Gateway
Tutorial 19. Create and work with a VSAM-Dataset

Tutorials 8 and 9 are Visual Age based and have been replaced by Tutorials 14 and 15. Tutorials 16 - 19 run exclusively under z/OS. At this time they are not yet available for general use. An English translation will be available "really soon now".

We have installed a Cobol Credit Card Authorisation application on our system. It can be accessed with a BMS presentation logic by entering the TRID NACT under CICS.
Tutorials 11 and 12 implement a Java presentation logic in place of BMS. They accesses the Credit Card Authorisation application via COMMAREA and the MQSeries CICS Gateway, using a simple Java Front end.

The simple WebSphere 4.0 Enterprise Java Bean Demo developed in Tutorial 16 can be wiewed at

In addition we ported some existing IBM servlet samples, which include source code. They can be viewed at  (OS/390 2.7 and WebSphere 1.2)  (z/OS 1.4 and WebSphere 4.0 )

(attention: these URLs are case sensitive).

We are working to generate student exercises based on this material.

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